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My Little Cutie Short Film

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My Little Cutie is a short film that follows lifelong best friends, Mila and Jo, who are trying to rekindle their childhood relationship. As the day goes on, it becomes clear that Jo has a plan to get more than just her friend back.

Mila and Jo are reliving the days when they were kids playing in their family backyard. Here, Mila comes across a hidden shrine which is completely dedicated to her. She discovers that it has been kept there by Jo. The story quickly takes a turn and Mila finds herself in a room identical to this shrine. Mila has to unravel what is going on, and how to deal with her best friend who is clearly psychopathic. But who’s to say that Jo is the ‘crazy’ one? 

I wrote, co-produced and starred in this short. It was directed by Mia Tikellis and the DOP was Mia Schirmer. We're now sending it out for to festivals!

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